Nampu Market

Nampu Market

Morning and Night Markets gathering Food and Souvenir stands

Talad Nampu or Nampu Market is another market that has been around in Chanthaburi’s city center for many years providing from Food, local products, clothing, dried preserved products, fruits, fresh seafood, Souvenirs for both locals and visitors to Chanthaburi morning and night time. If you are even lacking anything for your trip, we promise you will find what you need here.

Starting from the moment the sun goes down, that’s when the market comes alive again with stands and stands of food, treats, sweet and savory such as Stir Fried Chan Noodles and Crab, Chili Paste Noodles, Sun Dried Roasted Squids and many many more.

On Sunday night, the night market becomes a walking street for those who are seeking discounted or second-hand items.